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With the Winchmore Hill conservation area as a focal point, Winchmore Hill is a ward of Enfield borough, bounded on the east by Green Lanes (the A105 road), Barrowell Green, Firs Lane and Fords Grove, and on the west by Grovelands Park; in the south it extends to part of Aldermans Hill, and in the north to Vicars Moor Lane and Houndsden Road. Winchmore Hill is 8.9 miles (14.3 km) north north-east of Charing Cross.

DaBora Conway

786 - 788 Green Lanes

Winchmore Hill


N21 3RE

T: 0208 360 1000


Accredited by: NALS

Addison Townends

913 Green Lanes


N21 2QP

T: 020 8360 8111


Accredited by: TPOS